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Marlwood School

Attendance guidance

The Whole School Target for every student is 97%

Why 97% attendance?

97% attendance equates to 5 days off a year.
In most fields of employment 5 days absence is the point at which action is taken by the employer as any further absence is regarded as poor attendance.
As a school we want to prepare our students for excellent work habits; regular attendance and excellent punctuality are parts of this work.
Attendance figures can flatter to deceive.  90% attendance a year means 3.5 whole weeks (17.5 days) of lessons have been missed.

‘Working together for excellence’

  • Department for Education research shows that around 17 days missed a year risks a whole GCSE grade DROP in achievement.
  • The greater the attendance the greater the achievement.

Regular school attendance helps a child to:

  • Learn
  • Progress
  • Establish good habits
  • Be supervised and safe
  • Prepare for the future

Irregular school attendance:

  • May put your child at risk in the community
  • Seriously disrupts continuity of learning
  • Undermines educational progress
  • Leads to underachievement and low attainment
  • Reduces likelihood of further education opportunities and training
  • Creates a higher risk of unemployment
  • Creates a greater risk of being drawn into criminal or anti-social activity
  • Parents may be fined up to £2,500* per child if their child's school attendance is unsatisfactory. A parent can be given a prison sentence where non-attendance is condoned. (* excluding costs)

Contact us

There is a dedicated attendance telephone line to notify school of student absences. Parents/carers should call 01454 862585 each day of absence and leave the following information:

  • Student's name
  • Tutor Group
  • Nature of illness/reason for absence
  • Expected date of return
  • Caller's relationship to student


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