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Marlwood School

The Curriculum

Introduction to the Marlwood School Curriculum

Marlwood School has undergone significant change with a new leadership team in place since September 2018.  Much effective work has taken place to establish a renewed vision for the school with culture, teaching and learning and values at the heart of what we do.

Marlwood School is defined by a clear Mission Statement, Vision and set of Values:

Vision: Marlwood School will be the school of choice for families in the ‘local’ area and further afield and a place where every member of the school community thrives in an environment of high-quality learning, care and development. This environment will be fostered through a culture and climate of high expectations, all of which will be indicators of a community that is ‘working together for excellence’.

Mission Statement: ‘Working Together for Excellence’

Values: Respect, Aspiration and Determination

However, these grand ideas only take form and meaning in the context of our students daily experiences at Marlwood School. These experiences are our curriculum; the actual tangible real-life curriculum that is enacted across the days, weeks and years of a life in our school. Sir John Dunford’s definition of the curriculum being ‘everything that a young person experiences whilst at school’ resonates powerfully with staff and leaders at Marlwood School.

In September 2018 we have embarked on an extensive review of the curriculum which has led to a newly defined intent for our curriculum. Much planning and preparation has taken place to put us in a position to begin the implementation of our curriculum intent. Implementation will begin in earnest from September 2019 with refining and embedding taking place over the next 3 years. We are constant evaluating the impact of our curriculum.


Curriculum Intent:

  • High level aims, goals and objectives of what we expect students to know, understand , experience and appreciate
  1. Curriculum Implementation:
  • The framework and strategy for translating our curriculum intent over time into tangible daily experiences, that fulfil the Marlwood School vision, mission statement and values
  • Resources that will be used to achieve these aims
  • The how and when the carefully chosen content is taught and learnt in the classroom (or elsewhere). At this point curriculum intersects with pedagogy and experience.
  1. Curriculum Impact:
  • Have we achieved what we hoped to achieve? How do we know?

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